TONNY childhood love of music and has a unique talent. 98 years, began his DJ career, 98 years -04 years, Tonny has several popular nightclubs in the country of any resident DJ.

At first, dedicated to constantly study Tonny TECHNO dance music and the strengthening of the internal elements of individual musicianship. Gradually, Tonny formed their own diverse musical styles, from the DJ world seems to have seen a star is born, Tonny's rapid rise and its talent for music are inseparable.

In 2004, due to a strong business climate DISCO that are not coupled with continuing to accept foreign DJ culture indoctrination, simply turned their attention to the Break Beat and Electro music. At this time, his music really blend with the spirit of full. The kind of euphoria while the other one exciting Breaks and Electro genre, so that he can mobilize the audience's emotions, to really let the ears to listen to the world, driven by the heartbeat with a feeling amazing effect.

As the DJ industry and want to love DJ and club culture to promote, Tonny in early 2004 to create his own brand of DJ culture field, "Pu Rui DJ culture media organizations." Since then, he will join the effort to complete the planning and nightclub culture, family planning publicity work, the use of leisure time to learn the relevant aspects of system knowledge and related computer software technology, and obtain a web design and graphic design and other planning related aspects of international certification, Skyworth will own unique ideas and individual application techniques learned in a complete fusion. In 2005, for the first time in the National "Pioneer Cup" DJ mix disc contest and the top finalists. In 2006, the first to create a national culture based DJ Sound Association, "Jinzhou City DJ Sound Cultural Association" and in 2008 created the "peak Investment Management Co., the entertainment culture," the end of 2009 once again to create their own new independent power Music label promotion of the club ".11 Blues No. mansion." 04-09 years TONNY have participated in numerous large-scale DJ party and served as chief DJ. Meanwhile, in the DJ culture and establish their own independent label, after he repeatedly served as a guest in many domestic famous nightclub planning publicity director.

TONNY unique type of music, and superb mixing skills and mastery of techniques to give him a plate of a number of industry personnel and friends Po appreciation and recognition. His many years of DJ culture and nightclubs planning aspects of the work of love and dedication professionalism, creating a he was able to fully meet the current to do any work on the relevant aspects of this profession have their hands when the strict working attitude. With their own unique ideas and inspiration for his unique Kam solution to precipitate the actual work over the years a wealth of DJ culture and club planning to promote the valuable experience.

TONNY now to bring your dance is not just a carnival, but all the new trend of music and nightclubs to enjoy cultural ideas.

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